20 WordPress Themes Wedding

You Marry you? Congratulations! Now, we have to spread the good news to everyone! The best way to communicate about your wedding, set up a website. And not just any site, you should set up a wedding website with WordPress. Why use WordPress? Just because you do not have time to waste. Preparing your marriage will ever ask you lots of time. With WordPress, you can install your theme in less than 5 minutes. To continue to facilitate even more the preparation of your wedding website with WordPress, I board prepared a selection of WordPress themes marriage you tell me the news! More time to lose, discover immediately our selection of WordPress themes marriage. For the curious, know that this WordPress theme selection account of responsives themes, photos themes, themes with music … In short, super WordPress themes that put you in the tooth. [su_box title=”WordPress en mode Multilingue” style=”soft”] You want to own a WordPress site multilingual? Then do not miss WPML, the best multilingual plugin for WordPress. We always use this plugin when it comes to multilingual WordPress, and it’s not for nothing. No WordPress multilingual plugin arrives at the ankle. It is not for nothing that you will discover that all the subjects of our wedding themes that make multilingual selection, are all compatible with WPML. WPML is a great value that I highly recommend.

Download WPML


01 – Everline, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Everline

To lead off of our selection of WordPress themes wedding, I suggest you to discover Everline, a theme that will be perfect for all the grooms who want both a modern site, easy to grip, and that will save you a lot of time.

Immediately preferred within this WordPress theme its sober side and stripped, leaving much room for the image, to emphasize the newlyweds!

And this simple appearance hides a theme that raises the bar by allowing you to set up a fully multilingual site as it supports [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] , The best plugin to transform your WordPress site into a true multilingual site. For married with relatives from different countries and speaking different languages, it’s just a must have. If I tell you that in addition to this theme is RTL, then it is sure you will love!

And that’s not all because this WordPress theme is also compatible with WooCommerce!

02 – Tanz, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Tanz

Continuing our selection of WordPress themes with wedding Tanz habibi, a weird name for a theme that will involve more than one. Watch a little list of templates that are offered by this theme:

  • Four different versions for the home page,
  • Three version for the About page,
  • Four variations to the gallery page,
  • A press revised page,
  • A testimonial page (which will be perfect for your guest book)
  • A contact page
  • Three different layouts for the default template.

Needless to say that this topic you will fit like a glove (of marriage)

03 – Cherished, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Cherished

A simple theme and class is what you need for your wedding, and WordPress theme designer knows it. With Cherished, your wedding will be the site it deserves! The concept of this theme, be as close to what WordPress offers natively, to help you get into the best.

If you, your wedding site must also be readable on a smartphone, tablet, or a good old computer, this WordPress theme is for you. And this is made possible by exploiting the HTML5 as well as CSS3.

Side customization, everything is made simple by allowing you to choose colors that you like most through a color palette, allowing you to translate your site through the presence of translation files, by offering six unique widgets , or by allowing you to access PSDs. As for widgets, you will be entitled to a widget to display the details of your wedding, a countdown widget, a widget connected to Instagram, a widget to save your marriage … In short, as Marriage oriented widget!

04 – Neeqah, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Neeqah

When a known theme designer and recognized you said it is certainly the best wedding theme he conceived so far, one would be tempted to believe. When we see the results, we must admit that it should not be mistaken. The key word of this marriage WordPress theme, features galore. Neeqah is

  • A responsive theme,
  • Personalization features galore,
  • The ability to choose from over 500 fonts,
  • A choice of color literally infinite,
  • An RSVP form type in Ajax,
  • Five Custom Post Type, which are: a slideshow, an image gallery, history of your relationship, goshawks events of marriage and the services offered,
  • A manageable home page to click déposser,
  • A well-documented code, which is convenient for developers,
  • Advanced support child themes,
  • A theme is 100% compatible with [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] .

The least one can say is that this marriage WordPress theme does not do things by halves. Whether you are the bride and groom, or a web agency looking for an easy theme personalized, Neeqah is not to be missed.

05 – Wedding Suite WordPress Theme Wedding


Download Wedding Suite

Your attention please. Wedding Suite is a marriage WordPress theme that tries to distinguish itself from others and succeed perfectly there. Just look at the number of times that this theme has been downloaded to be convinced. This WordPress theme offers by one, but five themed one. You will have access to four groom oriented theme, and made ​​topic for the company organizing weddings. Of course, everything is done to create your wedding website is done in a snap. In addition to easy installation, this theme comes along with a handy feature, the ability to load a demo content with one click. If you have not used WordPress themes, being able to load a demo content is really convenient because it will allow you to find your site like when you first discovered.

We also note the presence of a premium WordPress plugin very convenient. This is [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] . You do not know Visual Composer? Let me tell you i is certainly the best page builder. A page builder is a plugin that allows you to create layouts very advanced page, all just by using the mouse of your computer. Whether you are a developer or a person not knowing develop, you will save hours of work. Nothing less!

06 – Emma, ​​WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Emma

Simple, elegant and modern. Here are three words that immediately come to mind when you discover for the first time Emma, ​​a wedding WordPress theme is a well known developer team in the theme of world development. Simple and elegant, because white is an essential part of this theme. Modern and elegant as the image plays a central part, and while playing wisely with parallax effects. The whole gives a clean result and perfect for your wedding website.

Of course, this theme comes along with features especially designed to meet the needs of the bride and groom, as the presence of an RSVP form type, a page containing all the elements of your wedding list and all the plugins needed for all WordPress themes as a plugin for Twitter and Instagram and Dribble. But here all plugins have been done by the developer team behind this theme, and that’s not all themes that can be said!

07 – XOXO, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download XOXO

XOXO is a WordPress theme that gets right to the point. Here everything is done to make your wedding website ready in less time than it takes to say, while allowing you to customize the smallest elements. Just know that this theme comes with [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] to understand that you will have the opportunity to push this issue into a corner regarding layouts. This will also be handy for those looking to design a WordPress site without having a significant technical, as for agencies wishing to establish a marriage-like WordPress website quickly and professionally.

We also appreciate this theme that is compatible with [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] The best WordPress plugin multlingue ever!

If you also want to save time when you discover this issue for the first time, know that you can load a demonstration said content, allowing you to have a ready-made website. And so immediately understand how to reproduce some specific pages.

08 – Monument, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Monument

No blah blah with useless monument. It is a simple and elegant wedding WordPress theme. The goal is to allow you to have a quality site, rendering flawless.

But still, one could still note that this is the first theme one page that I propose in this selection of WordPress themes marriage. And it must be said, that surprise me because after all, this is a great way to present his wedding site. If you do not know what a one page theme, the concept is simple. All content on your site is accessible on one page, your homepage.

In addition, this theme is thought to be perfectly readable on mobile interfaces such as smartphones or tablets. And that’s not all, because it is retina ready, which means that your photos are simply stunning on all Retina screens (screen available on the new Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iBook).

09 – The Perfect Couple, Wedding WordPress Theme


Download Perfect Couple

I just tell you, a one page theme is perfect for a wedding site. Your guests can see everything at once, because everything is right on the home page of your site. Perfect Couple resumes principle is to offer you a theme of a very high quality. From the home page, your guests will have access to all the important information such as the date of marriage, where the wedding will take place, nearby hotels, but also your wedding list, a blog that allows you to tell the scenes of your wedding, and also a feature that I really like about this type of site, a part that allows you to tell the story of two lovers who are getting married. From a graphical and functional point of view, is flawless. We also appreciate the presence of fullscreen like effect, allowing you to offer your pictures all the space they deserve. And besides, you can choose from to put a photo or a video. Just perfect.

For those wondering how to get a good result in a very short time, know that this theme is accompanied by the best page builder because it is [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] which is embedded plugin with this theme wedding. Everything you need to go fast while doing quality work!

10 – LUV WordPress Theme Wedding


Download LUV

Declare your love to the world with a WordPress theme to say I love you. LUV is certainly the theme for you. He does not do too much, to allow you to focus on what really matters, create a wedding website so everyone knows you’ve found your half, and you’re going to marry her.

Theme type one WordPress page, you will find everything you need dice the home page of your site. No fuss, not words said it all directly. We love that this theme is inspired by the latest WordPress themes to offer both a simple and modern interface with the effects of parallax well thought out and well implemented.

Not to waste anything, and save you even more theme LUV comes accompanied by [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] The plug not to be missed when speaking of page builder WordPress.

11 – Ever After, Wedding WordPress Theme


Download Ever After

Make a theme with love, here is a good idea when it comes to make a theme for future married. Ever After is in this vein. In addition to having been the birthplace of pampered, this theme will offer you a friendly interface, simple administration interface, and even a gallery of polaroid like images for photo lovers who rocked many of us (old;).

Since you have had the foresight to want to do your wedding website with WordPress, the designer of this theme had the good idea to say that you would definitely use the blog part. And finally, a theme designer who says that there are ticket formats in WordPress, it would be good to implement them in its theme. Thus, it’s possible to post text notes, videos, image gallery and links, and that each of them has a design of its own. An idea that all should have;)

12 – ilove, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download ilove

ilove, this is the perfect theme for that I love you to your iphone and your ipad … no, actually it’s just the perfect way to say I love you: P Of course, this theme s’ perfectly fit your iPhone or iPad, because it is 100% responsive. This is going to be all the same with a theme name such as this one.

If you thought that only [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] was represented in this theme selection, then you would wrong. Indeed, here, point Visual Composer. Its designer decided to trust a new guy who calls [clink id=”24″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Live Dial [/clink] . In fact, they are already thousands to trust him, and we understand why. With this page builder for WordPress, everything happens directly on your site, even need to visit the website of its administration interface to take advantage of 30 different modules that Live Dial offers. And when we know that this plugin is offered by a known author, and besides he was already highlighted, we say he has not finished talking to him.

In addition, this theme was inspired by the timeline of Facebook to reappropriate and allow you to create the history of your relationship. The result is more than convincing!

13 – David & Mary, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download David & Mary

You asked for a WordPress theme wedding that offers much more than others? Do not quit, I give you David & Mary. Look at the list of plugins that support this theme:

  • [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] for Multilingual,
  • WooCommerce for the e-commerce side,
  • BuddyPress for the EC side,
  • bbPress for forum side.

And it’s all done in HTML5 and CSS3 for the responsive side, while Retina Ready for happy owners of screens retina. You may be wondering why a wedding theme for WordPress supports as many things, including WooCommerce? The answer is simple. It is a theme that caters to both individuals wishing to marry, only to persons wishing to trade on the marriage of others! And for that, you will have access to a space testimony, a space to insert the logos of your manufacturers, and even a space to showcase your team!

14 – Marry Me, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Marry Me

Wondering if your guests will be able to properly see your wedding website? Here is a nice concern. After all, what could be more frustrating than a guest calling to tell you that your site looks nice … but he can not read it because it uses an old version of Internet Explorer? Well, you could explain that Internet Explorer does not know stopped to version 8, or that using Firefox might be a good idea to support free software. But frankly, with a wedding to plan, you certainly have other things to think about and do. To this does not happen to you, this theme is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9, and most versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even. Something for everyone, from the geek at the neophyte of your guests.

15 – Lovey Dovey, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Lovey Dovey

Kind of like you can have the thunderbolt for his future half love a WordPress theme can be a look. Lovey Dovey is one of those topics that is appreciated when you see it. This is explained by the fact that it leaves much room to the image, adding graphics that enliven the whole. For example, as shown in this screen capture, the fact of adding immediately a small portrait of the bride and groom. I think it’s both simple but very powerful.

In addition, this theme, although simple at first glance, offers features just what it takes to be cut out for marriage. A home page that you can click to simply build file, without using a particular plugin, a site fully responsive and built goshawks Bootstrap 3, an RSVP form types of management interface, or even customs posts types event type.

Simple, simple, effective!

16 – Merit, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Merite

The Wedding WordPress themes are carriers, with no doubt when we see the number of known theme designer and recognized engulfing it. You’ll understand that this is also the case of Merit, a WordPress theme which combines sobriety and quality design.

I had the opportunity to say on several occasions, the idea of ​​designing a site for her wedding is a great idea. Still it is necessary that this be done quickly, easily, and the result is up to your expectations. After all, you do not do a site to suffer the taunts of your guests, and you certainly do not have dozens of hours to spare for its design. Merit was developed with that in mind, and promises you a simple installation and even more interesting, an equally simple configuration. The real theme directly in the spirit WordPress. We do not do too much, but what we promise, we do, and simply.

17 – Honeymoon, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Honeymoon

You recognized? This is the theme that we have chosen to highlight to illustrate this post. What I particularly like is that he knows how to be discreet. After all, the most important thing is you and your photos. Look a little closer this screenshot and see that the menu knows to be forgotten, that we focus on what matters during this special day, you. Of course, if transparent menu does not suit you, it will be possible to give it a color that you want.

Besides this small detail (but after all, is not it the small details that make the difference?), This theme is responsive, has a book for the wedding, an event handler, and even a counter up If the D-Day plus I tell you [clink id=”22″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] Visual Composer [/clink] is the game you will understand that it will be possible to do what you want with this theme, and easily.

18 – Bliss Wedding, Wedding WordPress Theme


Download Wedding Bliss

A theme that is not too much, but doing good is what you are looking for? So do not miss Wedding Bliss, a theme that will allow you to set up your site in less time that it is enough to tell.

19 – Just Married, Wedding WordPress Theme


Download Just Married

If you follow even a little bit of news WordPress themes, then you certainly will themefuse say something because it is one of the most known designers on the theme of WordPress. Saying nothing but his name, I could almost feel it all. Themefuse no less than 64 WordPress themes to his credit. Excuse the little!

We are therefore entitled to expect heavy. And this is what offers Just Married.

  • Retina Ready Theme,
  • Several styles already designed for you,
  • Easy to change background,
  • Page to create your wedding list,
  • A proven framework,
  • Types of customs posts galore,
  • Easy contact forms to customize,
  • An RSVP space …

In short, the heavy I told you. And if in addition you are an agency, this theme is white label.

20 – Sweetly, WordPress Wedding Theme


Download Sweetly

Here we come to the end of this selection of 20 WordPress themes for the wedding. I hope you enjoyed this small selection. To finish it in style, it will Sweetly which will close the show.

Like other issues that we discovered with this article Sweetly is simple, sober and elegant. Do not spoil, it is compatible with [clink id=”21″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”] WPML [/clink] and WooCommerce, offers over forty shortcodes, and offers more than 500 google fonts. To the page builder because it incorporates a well, it will be Page Builder by SiteOrigin which will be delivered by default.

You use one of these themes for your wedding website? Share in our comments! I’d be happy to share your;)

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